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Regenerative Farm Forestry 2 day workshop


2 day workshop

Learn how to manage our exciting native forest for saw logs, pole wood, fence post, fire wood etc. while having a very beneficial effect on the structure of the forest itself, increasing bio-diversity from the forest floor up to the canopy  also learn the basics of portable sawmills Find out how relatively easy it is, to set-up a portable sawmill, then be ready to start milling in 30 to 40 minutes, urban or rural – it’s do-able! Instructor David Spicer is owner/operator of a portable Lucas sawmill and will have this machine on site for the workshop He brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience with tree growing, management, harvesting, timber processing and utilization. David is renowned for his practical approach to teaching nationally internationally and is a registered teacher #5 with the Permaculture Research Institute with over 15 years’ experience in permaculture education and plus years’ experience of working in native forestry.

Workshop Programme

Day 1

  • Managing private native forest
  • Understanding coppice forestry systems,
  • Fuel Hazard reduction through harvesting process
  • Practical learning session: working in the forest choosing saw logs, pole wood, fence posts, and what to cut as fire wood and what NOT to cut
  •  What are the Habitat, Recruitment and Feed Trees?

Day 2

  • Portable sawmills
  • Choosing your cuts in the log
  • Practical learning session: we get you on the mill to cut timber
  • Seasoning timber

Venue: Eagles Deep. Lot 1 Jones Rd Tatong Victoria

More about this project here Camping and meals provided at no cost What to bring, You will need work boots, hat, water bottle, work wear, ear and eye protection, note book, sun screen and your own camping gear.

When: Saturday 31st of May and Sunday 1st of June.

Fee $350.00

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